Distillery Spotlight: Loch Lomond

Distillery Spotlight: Loch Lomond

It’s very unusual for us to feature only one distillery in one of our monthly tasting boxes, because one of our core missions is to help people explore whisky. So you know that when we do, it’s for a very good reason. If you’re not already familiar with Loch Lomond Distillery, they have one of … Continue reading “Distillery Spotlight: Loch Lomond”

Incredible Indies: The Single Cask

Incredible Indies: The Single Cask September Box Announcement

As a small, independent company, we feel a lot of affinity to independent whisky bottlers. In fact, we’ve written at length  about why we think more people should be seeking out whisky from these “incredible indies”. Not only that, but we also dedicated a past box to veteran indies, Douglas Laing. So that’s why we’re … Continue reading “Incredible Indies: The Single Cask”

The Lowland Showdown: Malt vs. Grain Whisky

Lowland Showdown: Best Lowlands Whiskies

At The Dram Team we love a good old fashioned whisky “battle royale”. In past tasting boxes we have pitted sibling whiskies from the same distillery against each other, and put single malts from different countries up against some of Scotland’s finest to see who comes out on top. This month in our whisky tasting … Continue reading “The Lowland Showdown: Malt vs. Grain Whisky”

Around the World in 6 Drams: Worldwide Whiskies Box

Around the World in 6 Drams

Let’s go Around the World in 6 Drams I want to take you around the world in 6 drams. When most of us hear the word “whisky distillery”, it usually conjures up images of quaint old places tucked away in some corner of Scotland, full of cheery tour guides in kilts, with bits of hundred-year-old … Continue reading “Around the World in 6 Drams: Worldwide Whiskies Box”

My Favourite Douglas Laing Whiskies

My Favourite Douglas Laing Whiskies

Douglas Laing is one of my absolute favourite indie whisky bottlers. And that’s saying a lot, because I’m a pretty big fan of indie bottlers, and there are quite a lot of them… (On that note, check out our other blog post about some favourite indie bottlers you’ve never heard of!) Picking the my favourites … Continue reading “My Favourite Douglas Laing Whiskies”

Why So Many Scotch Whiskies Are Glen-something

Why are there so many whiskies called glen-something

The reason for so many glen-something whiskies is because ‘glen’ means ‘valley’ in Gaelic.

There are a lot of hills in Scotland, so there are lots of glens. Distilleries are built in glens because:

1. You need a lot of water to make whisky, so the bottle of a valley is an excellent place to be.

2. It’s easier to build a distillery at the bottle of a hill than on top of one.

A lot of distilleries take their name from their location. It isn’t a surprise there are so many scotch whiskies that have glen in their name.

A merry New Year! January box sneak peek

Hello Dram Teamers, As Christmas is drawing near, we thought it was time for a sneak peak into what 2020 holds for our tasting club members. We’re kicking off 2020 with two absolutely corking Scotch tasting sets. **Spoiler alert** If you’re already a member and like surprises – stop reading now! These two boxes will … Continue reading “A merry New Year! January box sneak peek”

A very Sherry Whiskymas! Our 2019 limited festive edition…

Seasons greetings! As Christmas is the best time of year for enjoying a good whisky, we like to do the season justice here at the Dram Team. And what better way to celebrate than with a box dedicated to the most decadent of whiskies – sherry cask single malt! To that end, we’ve released a … Continue reading “A very Sherry Whiskymas! Our 2019 limited festive edition…”