How to Pair Whisky and Beer

How to pair whisky and beer | The Dram Team

With all the hot weather the UK has been having lately (hello August!), we’ve been very thirsty over at the Dram Team office. And that’s got us thinking about something ice cold, crisp and refreshing, our other barley-based beverage of choice: beer. Whisky and beer go hand in hand, not only because whisky starts off … Continue reading “How to Pair Whisky and Beer”

How to pair whisky with food

How to pair whisky with food

I love introducing food into my whisky tastings. Okay, to be fair, having food is always a good idea. Whisky tasting with food. Revision session with food. Meeting your girlfriend’s parents with food. Food makes everything better. So, in this blog, I want to talk about how to pair whisky and food to make your … Continue reading “How to pair whisky with food”

Can Your Scotch Whisky Go Off?

Can your whisky go off?

Have you ever worried that your scotch whisky might go off? Imagine you’ve finally bought your dream bottle of whisky. Not a whisky to collect. The whisky you’ve always wanted to crack open and enjoy. You’ve saved it for a special occasion, poured yourself a good measure and taken a sip.

It’s everything you dreamed it would be. So, you put the top back on and wait for another special occasion. But have you made a horrible mistake? What if you wait years before you try it again? Can whisky go off? Can your whisky go out of date? 

How to Pair Whisky and Chocolate

Paring whisky and Easter Chocolate

Ahh, Easter. Who doesn’t love Cream Egg season? At this time of year, there’s always a lot of chocolate around. It has us at The Dram Team thinking about why chocolate and whisky pair so well together. So, today we’re going to talk about pairing whisky and chocolate. One of the things that’s fascinating about … Continue reading “How to Pair Whisky and Chocolate”