Unconventional Whisky: Distilleries That Break The Rules

Unconventional Whisky: Distilleries That Break The Rules

Unconventional Whisky Breaks The Rules Rules. Some of us love them, some of us don’t. One thing’s for sure, the whisky industry is a lot better off for having them, so we know what’s actually going into our whisky. But sometimes too many rules and regulations could stifle creativity, and pushing the boundaries might lead … Continue reading “Unconventional Whisky: Distilleries That Break The Rules”

Sherry Cask Whisky: A Guide

Sherry Cask Whisky: A Guide

Ahh, sherry cask whisky. For many whisky snobs, a term that conjures nostalgic memories of our first gateway whisky sips. A type of cask that is deeply associated with many famous whisky houses – Macallan, Aberlour, Glenfarclas (well a lot of the Glen-somethings, actually) – and indeed with Scotch single malt whisky in general. If … Continue reading “Sherry Cask Whisky: A Guide”

What are the best whisky glasses?

What are the best whisky glasses

What are the best whisky glasses? It’s an age old question, and with more people tasting whisky at home these days, one that’s more relevant than ever: what is the best glass for whisky? The Dram Team have been involved with quite a few virtual whisky tastings now, and so I’ve been thinking about ways … Continue reading “What are the best whisky glasses?”

Whisky Gifts for Father’s Day

What’s the best Father’s Day gift for a whisky lover? A bottle of whisky, right? Sure, of course, you can get a bottle of whisky. But this year you should try something different. So, I put together this list of the best whisky gifts for Father’s Day (that aren’t a bottle of whisky). A Set … Continue reading “Whisky Gifts for Father’s Day”

Great Whisky Books

Great Books for Whisky Lovers

Great books for whisky lovers For me, whisky is about a lot more than just the liquid in the glass. Great whisky accompanies great stories, and brings memories of good times with friends over a shared bottle of single malt. Whether it’s meaningful conversations going on late into the night, or travelling to that far-flung … Continue reading “Great Whisky Books”

Why So Many Scotch Whiskies Are Glen-something

Why are there so many whiskies called glen-something

The reason for so many glen-something whiskies is because ‘glen’ means ‘valley’ in Gaelic.

There are a lot of hills in Scotland, so there are lots of glens. Distilleries are built in glens because:

1. You need a lot of water to make whisky, so the bottle of a valley is an excellent place to be.

2. It’s easier to build a distillery at the bottle of a hill than on top of one.

A lot of distilleries take their name from their location. It isn’t a surprise there are so many scotch whiskies that have glen in their name.